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Girauno is a revolutionary invention of the last decade.

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Girauno is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is monetary digitization. It became a decentralized network of peer-to-peer payment to use without any central authority or intermediaries. In short, Giracoin is the money for the Internet. Its original purpose is to provide people with a universal currency for different operations.

Easy & Secure

Be sure in your account security and your funds safe. With easy-to-use personal wallet you can keep your bitcoins in safe.

A bright idea

Girauno is independent of central banks. In addition, a banking crisis would not affect a cryptographic currency.


The overall objective of Girauno is to provide users with an alternative, decentralized and secure payment system.

Quantum Fork


Giracoin is the first cryptocurrency that underlies a chain of blocks based on the Bitcoin algorithm and is transformed into a block of blocks based on Etheru. Initially Giracoin becomes Girauno and Giracoin 2.0 emerges.

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SHA 256 bit






Buy an Asic Mining


The first miner for GiraUno is an Asic Miner with 12 TH / S.

GiraUno mining will be possible exclusively through the community from the moment of the change. The GiraUno network will immerse you in a new era, allowing you to participate in the integral mining from the community of your home.
The price per miner, including the power supply and its purchase price is $ 2,200.00 and you can pay up to 50% with GiraUno

Multiple Cryptocurrency Wallet

You can create your multiwallet and store the main cryptocurrencies. Girapay allows you to transfer cryptocurrencies to any part of the world whenever you want. All you need is your private key and the public key of the recipient. The public key can be compared to the account number in a bank. Since the chain of blocks generates a new block with transactions every minute, its transfer takes only a few seconds to reach its recipient.

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Soon in the markets

Very soon you will be able to carry out operations in the free market, exchange your Girauno for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Giracoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies available in the exchange.

Download the desktop wallet

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