In our FAQ section, you will find a good deal of useful information on the Giracoin at a glance. In case your question remains unanswered, you can always feel free to contact [email protected] or go on our live-chat.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual financial goods or digital cash and is based, as the name suggests, on the principles of cryptography. The general objective of cryptocurrencies is to realize an alternative, decentralized and secure payment system.

What's a Giracoin?

The new cryptocurrency from Switzerland. A pioneering Coin that’s conquering the world. Using Giracoins, we want to create a nationwide distribution and acceptance of our cryptocurrency that enables people around the world to benefit from its advantages.

How do I benefit from Giracoin?

While the time of great earning potentials with exchange rate profits cost-effective mining has long since passed for Bitcoin and was really only reserved for financially strong technology experts anyhow, with Giracoin, you now have the opportunity to be involved right from the start in the development of a brand new cryptocurrency.

How do I purchase Giracoins?

Through its fully automated mining process, Giracoin provides each person the opportunity to acquire Giracoin dashboard tokens. Afterward, simply enter your tokens, regardless of your technical knowledge, into mining with a simply mouse click.

What is the Giracoin Dashboard?

This is where you as a user have all the features and information at your fingertips for generating and managing your Coins, simply at a glance. An additional live chat feature ensures that any emerging issues can be answered immediately and competently. For further information, also contact our Help Center.

What does mining mean, exactly?

The computing power expended for decrypting the hashing algorithms in order to
to verify new transaction blocks in the block chain and the resulting new issue of coins, is also referred to as Mining.

How do the bonus programs work?

The Giracoin bonus system is divided into four different levels and offers flexible ways to combine them at any time. In this way, you can benefit in several ways from your partners’ earnings.

What's Girabuy?

A digital currency lives from its acceptance points and active users. Girabuy opens the doors for Giracoin users to a growing community of accredited merchants. The beta version for selected trading partners is already in successful test operation. The final entry into service will occur in the first half of 2017.

What's Girapay?

Girapay is the virtual wallet for Giracoins and can be compared to the e-banking in conventional banks. Girapay users benefit from fast transaction execution with very low transaction fees and a return on their assets in the form of the proof-of-stake process.

What's Giraexchange?

With the Giraexchange platform, we have developed a sophisticated web application that enables our users to operate both reciprocal trade in Giracoins and to exchange multiple currency types from third-parties.

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