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Who is GFG?


Gian-Carlo Collenberg, Founder and CEO

Mr. Gian-Carlo Collenberg, born in 1978 and raised in Binningen, attended the gymnasium in Basel. His first working experience was as a trader, and later as CEO, of commodity companies. Since 2013 he has been focusing on internet-related business models, and started spezializing in practical applications of the blockchain technology and in crypto currencies. Gian-Carlo’s fascination for digital payment systems is based on his interest in global networks, and in how emerging markets can be integrated into the international markets for goods and financial services in a better and more transparent way.

Ramon Simon, Founder and CFO

Mr. Ramon Simon, born in 1978 and growing up in the Canton of Basel, studied Engineering and Management at the University of Lugano in Switzerland, and studied Ressource Management at the University of Applied Sciences of Zurich. In addition, the business engineer participated in various education courses in the areas of Technology and Economics. Ramon worked as a technical manager, as an educator and as an expert for several large automotive companies and in the insurance business, including six years at the Swiss insurance company Helvetia. His interest in the blockchain technology is grounded in his desire to develop faster, more transparent and safer payment systems. By creating a blockchain-based crypto currency, he wants to offer an alternative currency with inflation protection to traders, consumers and investors.

Raja Yogarajah, Founder and CTO

Mr. Raja Yogarajah, born in 1984 and raised in Hofstetten, studied Medicine and Information Technology at the University of Basel. His extensive work experience includes developing and implementing web-based business models and e-commerce platforms. His biggest interests are the blockchain, IoT and data management by artificial intelligence. He advises companies in the areas of software development, blockchain-based applications, mixed reality and digital transformation. Raja is an expert in HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, MSSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis) Typo3, AJAX, Lavarel, NodeJS, AngularJS und other programming languages, databanks and frameworks. He has been CTO of the Gira Financial Group AG since 2016.

Gnana Yogarajah, Founder and CDO, IT project manager

Mr. Gnana Yogarajah, born in 1986, attended schools in Bättwil and Reinach and studied Information Technology, majoring in iCompetence (software design and management), at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. He developed and programmed iOS apps already during his studies, and later also while working for various information technology companies as a web developer, software developer, databank expert and project manager. He developed a smart contract solution on the open-source blockchain Multichain, based on Bitcoin and Bitcoincore for title registration. Like Raja, Gnana is an expert in several programming languages, frameworks and databanks, and emphasizes the user friendliness of his applications. He has been CDO of the Gira Financial Group AG since 2016.


The team of eight motivated employees in Switzerland and approx. 20 employees in India is responsible for the continuous implementation and development of Gira Financial Group’s platforms. All team members have extensive experience in the practical implementation of innovative projects which are based on the blockchain technology.


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