The next launch of the Girauno in a large Exchange.

The next launch of the Girauno in a large Exchange.

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Today we can report a new detail. As our executive director said on Thursday, “Today is a good day” and we are pleased to provide you with the most important answers to the questions.

GiraUno Exchange
The contract with a large exchange is at the point of being signed and in the negotiation of Gira.

GiraUno show at the administrative office
The GiraUno will be visible again in the coming days and will be available in a large exchange to start operating.

Keep in mind that the community, yourself, controls the price of GiraUno alone and the company has no influence on it.

We strongly recommend that you save the GiraUno and not sell it at low prices.

The GiraUno expects the future of several projects in which it is used, which will have a massive impact on the price of the GiraUno. At this moment, an external exchange is only a “proof of concept”, that is, a proof that the chain of blocks can handle large amounts of users / data and that it can be an exchange. Given that several products were launched in 2019 and are linked to GiraUno, it is the clear recommendation NOT to SELL the GiraUno at this time and not to present cheap offers to the Exchange. All of you are now responsible for the development price of GiraUno.

Soon we will send another newsletter about Giradealers and Girawin.